Prostate cancer (again)

I had my PSA tested again last week, and after rising steadily and ominously for some years, it has now come down (from 4.7 to 4.1) which is very good news. I’m convinced that the reduction is the result of my extremely healthy diet and lifestyle: no meat, no sugar, no cow’s milk, and lots of fruits and vegetables every day like pomegranates, blueberries, kale, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, etc., plus lots of beans and nuts and daily exercise.

Last year, my two urologists were adamant that I have a biopsy, which I resisted because of its unreliability and barbarity. Both of them were skeptical that diet could affect the growth of prostate cancer cells, but in a TED talk last year, Dr. Dean Ornish (Bill Clinton’s doctor) showed X-rays of a cancerous tumor in a patient’s prostate and how it dramatically reduced in size (to the point of atrophy) when the patient changed to a plant-based diet. I don’t want to sound smug or overconfident, because one has to be constantly vigilant and the battle to stay in good health is never ending.  (I’m vulnerable to prostate cancer because my father died of it and my body is very similar to his.)

Here is the relevant part of my personal mission statement: “I will move as much as possible to an organic, plant-based diet to avoid malnourishment and toxic food. Because my father died of prostate cancer, I have to accept the reality that in all likelihood there are malignant cells in my prostate. I will maintain an aggressive prostate cancer treatment regimen (through diet and exercise) and in the process reduce my risk for virtually every other age-related disease.”