Randy Olson’s new book on storytelling

I highly recommend a new book on storytelling called “Connection: Hollywood Storytelling meets Critical Thinking,” written by Randy Olson, Dorie Barton, and Brian Palermo.


After all the books written about storytelling, could there be anything left to say on the topic? Before reading Randy Olson’s “Connection,” I would have said no. But now? Yes!  This is a startlingly good book.

Randy Olson and his two coauthors have dug more rigorously into the best way to tell stories than anyone else I know, and have developed practical, down-to-earth methods for helping the rest of us tell stories more powerfully.

The muscularity, freshness, and verve of their writing is like warm air blowing on your face when you are out in frigidly cold weather.

Anyone who wants to survive in this brutal economy must be an effective storyteller, and this book makes a genuine and wholly original contribution to creative and effective communication. It brings the power of storytelling to everyday life. This is more than a “must read.” It is more a “must absorb and put to work immediately.”